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Are you hiring and keeping the right people?

Here’s the truth about employee retention: job fit and culture fit matter; team dynamics matter; manager relationships matter. Misalignment in these areas introduces the Villain of Disengagement to your workforce, who sows the seeds of turnover and robs you of precious dollars in lost productivity and replacement costs. Left unchecked, morale dips, the perception of your company in the labor market and business community suffers, and you spend your time putting out fires instead of moving your business forward.

Companies who beat their competitors connect Business Strategy with People Strategy. Why? Because people need to be in the right job and have goals connected to a purpose. People ought to be trusted and developed by their manager, feel fulfilled, and be recognized for work well done. That’s how you create a unified, loyal workforce committed to doing some good in the world. It all starts with getting the right fit for the work that needs to be accomplished.

The very best predictor of a candidate’s success is the combination of behavioral and cognitive assessments along with a structured interview and development tools. Not GPA, not references, not that feeling in your gut or the candidate’s haircut, but proven science and real people data that reveals natural tendencies and creates self awareness.

Your people need a Hero to save the day. You have the power to thwart people-problems and turn your focus to the bigger picture.

It’s time to vanquish the Villain and live happily ever after. Are you up for the challenge?

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With nearly three decades of progressive sales and operations leadership experience building game-changing teams, delivering meaningful growth, and influencing organizations of all shapes and sizes, OuterLight Advisory Services is uniquely positioned to help you design and implement the connected, engaged workplace culture you and your people deserve. Life rewards those who initiate.

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Joe Leaser founded OuterLight Advisory Services for the purpose of helping organizations and their people come together to pursue meaningful growth. Growing up on Lake Erie gave Joe an appreciation for lighthouses and the metaphor they bring to the business world. “I’ve always believed my first obligation to everyone in my sphere of influence is to lift people up and help them get the best out of themselves – to be the light they can count on when things get rough. That happens when I have done my part as a leader to align them with the org’s purpose, get them in the right seats to maximize their talent and praise them for rocking it. I’m thrilled to bring this approach to the greater marketplace, and help leaders make an authentic, long-lasting difference. When people and purpose are connected, the organization grows and the people grow. That’s powerful stuff, and that’s exactly where I want to be.”

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